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Simon Harding

in The DJs
June 09, 2020

The Eurovision Show is the brainchild of experienced radio presenter & long time dedicated Eurovision follower Simon Harding. It is a programme designed both to sate the appetite of existing fans and to entice a new generation of interest. Join SImon every Tuesday at 11pm UK / 6pm Eastern on African FM.

Pat Gwinn

in The DJs
May 18, 2020

Join Pat Gwinn for his Soul Vault every Sunday at 8pm Eastern repeated every Friday at 9pm UK / 4pm Eastern.

Gary Jackson

in The DJs
August 14, 2019

The Gary Jackson Radio Show is packed with special features - not for the audience's benefit, but because at his age just staying awake for two hours is tough enough, and every little helps! When he's not convincing famous presenters that their jobs are safe, Gary writes a monthly sixties music column for the Hampshire Chronicle newspaper. Tune in every Tuesday at 10pm Pacific only on www.african.fm

Taken from Mamari Remixed, the track morphs into a dancefloor banger via the Ugandan DJ. Watch the visuals exclusively on PAM. 

Mamari Remixed is a remix compilation and electronic sibling to the album Mamariby Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble. The band is a nine-piece from Cologne who released the project back in May 2021. It marks a jazz album brimming with Afrobeat, Afro-cuban and funk influences, full of activist sentiments around social equality, racial politics, climate change and more, all filtered through the voices and bodies of the young ensemble.

On Mamari Remixed, thirteen producers from Africa, Europe and Latin America give their own dance floor spin to the original tracks. Nineteen different nationalities are represented in total (Portugal, Uganda, Angola, Cabo Verde, Ghana, Colombia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, UK, France, Algeria and many more) and the producers show their ability to retain organic sounds in their bass music. The remixes not only use the original instruments but also manage to convey the political messages that the Power Ensemble conveyed.

Experience the video for Catu Diosis’ remix of “Aga Aga” on PAM. The original song was named after a lake close to Cologne called Aggertalsperre, notorious within Muito Kaballa for an incident where percussionist Leonard Gaab almost drowned naked in the ice cold lake. A key figure in the Kampala alternative electronic scene, Catu Diosis adds a gqom and Afrobeats-inspired touch, with a powerful, percussive result. The vocals are recycled to fit the speedy and danceable rhythm with the visuals focusing on an ultra-energetic dancer, who performs hypnotizing and energizing choreography. 

Mamari Remixed by Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble, out on all platforms.

Listen to “Aga Aga” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

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