The Senegalese rapper has released a new video that sees him as the king of the scene in his native country.

Elhadji Diallo (aka Elzo Jamdong) sings and raps in Wolof for the most part and occasionally in English and French. The co-founder of the Senegalese collective JamDong Community has released a new video that sees him as the king of the scene in his native country.

Through a minimalist visual, the unpolished setting plays host to the rapper’s steely bars, which are aimed at his detractors. Dressed in work overalls, he plunges us into an atmosphere of reckoning, which contrasts with a relatively relaxing beat. It oscillates between solitude and violence and forms a stage for  Elzo Jamdong to hail his success, despite all the obstacles.

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Accompanied by singer Anariii, the South London rapper has announced a new mixtape entitled Vic’s Lifestyle: Glory Days Pt. 3, scheduled for release on July 28.

On “Cigar Talk,”  Vic Santoro reflects on his new lifestyle, made possible by his success, which has given him financial as well as lifestyle benefits. He explains: ” ‘Cigar Talk’ is about being present and acknowledging the journey thus far, reflecting on the hurdles along the way, feeling proud that I overcame them against all odds.” Anariii has also expressed her gratitude at joining him for the track  “Victory.”

This is the first single from the Vic’s Lifestyle: Glory Days Pt. 3 mixtape and while the first two parts of the project were centered around the rapper’s struggles, he defines the end of the trilogy this way: “It’s about a celebration of life, the moments that you hold dear and having the reassured feeling that the dark days are no longer, also a reminder that perseverance and patience will lead to triumph eventually.” Born in Cameroon, and now based in London, Vic Santoro has always drawn strength from poetry and is deeply inspired by Tupac Shakur.

Listen to Vic Santoro in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.


The two British artists team up on Bridge The Gap/Dirty South alongside remixes from El-B and Sully.

Moses Boyd makes his big comeback following the release of his 2020 album, Dark Matter. On this new project, the drummer and producer unveils two new tracks in collaboration with SW2, in addition to remixes by El-B, a figure of bass music, and modern-day junglist Sully. The GD4YA label defines SW2 as “the mysterious alias of a known producer.” Moses Boyd explores grime and hip-hop along jazz lines while El-B adds a little funk, remaining faithful to bass music. The EP is accompanied by a photograph taken by Georgina Cook, the artist and podcaster exploring the links between music and the rest of the arts.


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