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New Music Video: Watch “She Doesn’t Love You” by Kondi Band feat Mariama

By Published August 22, 2021

“She Doesn’t Love You” is the new music by Kondi Band. The Kondi Band is a collaboration between Sierra Leonean kondi (thumb piano) player/musician Sorie Kondi and US-based producer DJ Chief Boima, who also has roots from Sierra Leone.

The song, which features vocals from Sorie Kondi and Mariama Jalloh, talks about love and rejection. “She Doesn’t Love You”, is part of Kondi Band’s ‘We Famous’ album, produced by DJ Chief Boima. It was released on Thursday, August 5, 2021, the video was produced by VRC Marketing, it was directed by both Vickie Remoe and Kanu Visuals. 

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