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Ian 'Gilesy' Giles has been knocking around on the radio for many many years (he won't say how long you might be able to then work out his age!). Starting way back in the 90s sometime in Malta,  at the moment he host's a regular drivetime show for a community radio station in the UK and has used lockdown to finally be a bit productive with his new show 'The Old Skool Mixtape'. He also confirms that, yes, he is from the Midlands

When he is not on air he mainly lies in his blow up hot tub in the garden to scare off the neighbors. He likes toast and beer. His life regrets include having the same hairstyle since the 80s !

Join Gilesy on the Old Skool Mixtape Show. Two hours of the best RNB, Hiphop, Dance and Garage. If its an Anthem, this show will be playing it - every Wednesday at 10pm Eastern on African FM.


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