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June 04, 2018

Join DJ Mistri live from Ipswich, United Kingdom for an hour of the very best in soulful sounds, mixed alongsider other rare grooves and moves every Sunday at 1pm UK / 8am Eastern.

So you want to send a message, a shout-out, a request or a dedication to a loved one in another country.  Simple !  With African FM - you can record a message from your own computer and we'll play it out on air.

What? How does that all work? Not worries.  We utilise SpeakPipe - an amazing system that allows you to record a message online, on your computer.  Once you've recorded the message - it wings its way to us here at African FM automatically.

Then we simply broadcast it out to a worldwide audience including, hopefully, your loved one! Why not give it a go today. Just click on the 'Start Recording' button below - it's really that simple!

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