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Just out is a collab between Dimitri From Paris and DJ Rocca released on Compost Records Germany "The Compass Point". Being followed soon by another collab with DJ Rocca, this time on Razor n Tape USA "Days Of A Better Paradise". 

See Dimitri from Paris live at

  • 26th November 2021 - Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle (UK)
  • 27th November 2021 - Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle (UK)
  • 15th December 2021 - Rise Festival, Les Deux Alpes (France)
  • 31st December 2021 - Oval Space, London (UK)
  • 28th January 2022 - Paris (France)
  • 04th February 2022 - Opium, Dublin (Ireland)
  • 05th February 2022 - Earth, Hackney/London (UK)
  • 25th February 2022 - Madame Loyale @ YoYo, Paris (France)
  • 19th March 2022 - Southport Weekender 2021 @ Butlins Bognor Regis, Bognor (UK)

For more available dates/booking calendar and information about the artist click here.



Bob Sinclar in concert

December 12, 2021


See Bob Sinclar live at

  • 26th November 2021 - Panda Club, Madrid (Spain)
  • 27th November 2021 - Warehouse, Nantes (France)
  • 03rd December 2021 - Azar, Lyon (France)
  • 04th December 2021 - Bakaos, Marignane (France)
  • 12th December 2021 - Zenith de Limoges (France)
  • 15th December 2021 - Monseigneur, Bordeaux (France)
  • 25th December 2021 - Nikki Beach, St. Maarten
  • 31st December 2021 - Nikki Beach, St. Barth
For more available dates/booking calendar and information about the artist click here



The Hot Sardines
Friday, December 17, 8:00PM EST
136 Massachusetts Ave., Boston
$28, $38, $48, $58
Reserved seating

The Hot Sardines effortlessly channels New York speakeasies, Parisian cabarets, and New Orleans jazz halls to transform songs from past eras into pop music for the current century. Their raucous Holiday Stomp features timeless classics and original tunes performed by the eight-piece band.     




Ugandan artist Jackie Chandiru has accused record labels that handle music talent search winners of abandoning them immediately the competitions are done.

Jackie Chandiru started her professional music career in 2002 after winning the Coca-Cola Pop Star Competition alongside Lilian Mbabazi and Cindy Sanyu. The three later formed a girl group dubbed Blu*3 which was managed by Steve Jean.

In an interview with NBS After5, Jackie Chandiru, gave props to the veteran producer Steve Jean for grooming and encouraging them to work hard, something that shaped them into the great musicians they are right now.

Comparing her experience to that of that of today, she feels some youngsters who win talent searches never get the same mentorship she and her partners got back in 2022.

"We were lucky because Steve Jean handled us with a lot of passion and told us right from the start that we had to be the next Destiny's Child. Sometimes I believe there are managers who take up these competition winners and do it for the sake of the contact then disappear. It needs someone with the passion to push you," Jackie said.

"These people who are given these winners do it for that short period of time and after getting paid they just go away,” she said.

She, however, says winning the competition came with a huge package including going to South Africa for a three months training, shopping, contract and money to kick start their professional music journey.



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