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Robin Schulz

in The DJs
August 07, 2019

Sugar Radio Show presented by Robin Schulz brings his favorite tracks, latest releases and classic hits each and every week. It’s been only four years since Robin Schulz first topped the worldwide singles charts with his acclaimed remix of “Waves (feat. Mr. Probz)” and landed his breakthrough global uber-hit “Prayer in C (feat. Lilly Wood & The Prick)”; practically an eternity in the 30-year-old artist’s fast-paced dance music cosmos! Building on his unique blend of house, electro and pop, the Osnabrück DJ and producer has meanwhile established himself as Germany’s most successful music export of the past two decades in record-breaking time.

Brian Wayy

in The DJs
May 21, 2019

Billboard charted duo Brian Wayy and Masoud Fuladi created "MaWayy" to bring you the best of electronic dance music of the month ... Trust us you want it "MaWayy".  Broadcasts every Saturday at 5pm UK / midday Eastern


in The DJs
April 14, 2019

Blue Flame Moments Radio Show is a gospel / inspirational focussed 30 minute broadcast  - airing every Saturday at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central.

Damon Dash has insisted Kanye West is not “crazy” and dismissed Kim Kardashian's comments that her husband is in the midst of a "complicated" and "painful" bipolar episode.

In an interview with the New York Post's Page Six column, Dash, who is currently ensconced with the rapper at his Wyoming ranch while working on West's new album, insisted the Mercy star is "cool" and "tired but he's happy".

Fears were raised for the rapper's health on Sunday following his appearance at a campaign rally for his presidential bid in South Carolina, where he appeared onstage wearing a bulletproof vest, attacked slavery activist icon Harriet Tubman and sobbed as he claimed he and Kim almost aborted their first child.

“People think he lost his mind just because he cried," Dash said. "The way he lost his mind and jumped on a jet and then jumped off the jet to come back to his 40,000-acre ranch? Yeah, I’d like to lose my mind like that.”

He continued: “We are praying, we are working. People think like we are in an insane asylum (but) we got an album coming out.”

In a statement shared on Wednesday, Kim asked for “compassion” for her husband as he battles his “painful” bipolar disorder.

When Dash was asked about the Kardashian family’s concerns for West, he answered abruptly, “I don’t give a f**k about none of that. I see him — he’s cool. I don’t give a f**k what they say. He’s a little tired but he’s happy," adding West is “productive” and “having fun.”

West sent a series of rambling tweets this week, including one that claimed Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, tried to get him “locked up.”

However, Dash has insisted the music star is "going to be all right".

“Why are you talking about (his mental health)? He’s in a big room with 40 different companies. Ideas development. It’s a laboratory going on over here. Just think of Willy Wonka," he said referencing Roald Dahl's eccentric chocolatier from the children's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

“People watched the rally and think he’s crazy, but that’s how the average person thinks. Everyone that listens to him (who thinks) he’s crazy is not a billionaire. But (for) some reason Elon Musk doesn’t think he’s crazy. I don’t think he’s crazy."

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