On Air

with Rupert Palmer

So you want to send a message, a shout-out, a request or a dedication to a loved one in another country.  Simple !  With African FM - you can record a message from your own computer and we'll play it out on air.

What? How does that all work? Not worries.  We utilise SpeakPipe - an amazing system that allows you to record a message online, on your computer.  Once you've recorded the message - it wings its way to us here at African FM automatically.

Then we simply broadcast it out to a worldwide audience including, hopefully, your loved one! Why not give it a go today. Just click on the 'Start Recording' button below - it's really that simple!


Don't forget

  • Our programme schedule is published in UK timezone
  • Download the amazing Tunein radio app for your phone today to listen whilst on the move.
  • Simply search for African FM once installed and listen anywhere. anytime

Contact us

studio [at] africaninternetradio.com


  • Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.