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The Rome-based producer returns to his natural habitat: the dance floor. Discover “Anaerobe” exclusively on PAM. 

As an electronic artist and producer, Khalab has developed an international reputation for his original fusion of traditional sounds, deep bass work, jazz, and heavily layered,  dense electronic textures. So far, hee has three albums to his name: Khalab & BabaBlack Noise 2084 and M’berra, recorded in the Mauritanian desert alongside Tuareg musicians from Mali (M’berra Ensemble). He now returns with The Great Oxidation EP, a set of three instrumental tracks. With this new project, the artist aims to direct the listener on a journey into the past, downwards until the most ancestral human ritual reappears: dance.

Two very special collaborations embellish this EP: the Mexican visual artist Carlito Dalceggio contributed by creating the video “Neba,” a full hand-drawn short movie with no digital manipulation or special effects. Experience “Anaerobe” exclusively on PAM, featuring the acclaimed Detroit-based drummer and producer Shigeto. The track is a rapid and upbeat piece, changing atmospheres as it unfolds. 

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