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Perrie Edwards has hinted a marriage proposal from her soccer star boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would be met with a "yes".

The Little Mix star and the Liverpool player, who are both 27, have been dating since 2016 and recently celebrated their fourth anniversary.

In a chat on British radio show Capital Breakfast, she and bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock spoke to hosts Roman Kemp and Sonny Jay about their love lives and Leigh-Anne's recent engagement to another soccer star, Andre Gray, on their fourth anniversary in May.

Asked by Roman if she'd accept a proposal, Perrie initially said she'd have to "think about it" before discussing Andre's proposal and joking that Alex had not been quite so romantic at the same stage in their relationship.

The singer revealed: "Me and Leigh-Anne were just chatting and Andre wanted to wait for their anniversary, was it four years Leigh?' I was like, aww your four year, I just had my 4 year anniversary and I got a Dairy Milk bar of chocolate!"

However, the Holiday hitmaker then went on to add: "But do you know what, I appreciate him (Alex), we don't want to rush into it do you know what I mean? But it would be a definitely yes from me I reckon!"

Sonny then suggested the England international had "definitely" thought about popping the question, to which Perrie replied, "Of course he has!"


The new vengeful and farcical video “Tittle Tattle” provides a baroque sample of their third album Freedom Fables scheduled for next February.

The young English collective from Leeds is shaking up the codes of contemporary jazz through a mix of soul, jazz and afro-groove, with the addition of talented artists on their next album Freedom Fables. This musical melting pot showcases the talented Anglo-Nigerian Ego Ella May, who recently appeared on COLORSXSTUDIOS , and Ghanaian highlife legend Pat Thomas. 

In the visual for the first single from the album, soul singer Cherise Adams-Burnett once again joins the group, but this time to dethrone the master of an English country manor and take her revenge on History. It’s a fittingly comic piece worthy of a farce by Molière or Shakespeare. Here, Nubiyan Twist’s mix of eras and musical genres is not lacking in swing, with the group renewing jazz standards via neo-soul voices and Afro sounds that are perfect for the dancefloor. It’s not hard to understand the infatuation that has remained intact since the beginning for this underground clubs of Leeds, embodying the bubbling up of a music that still persists in some clubs in the English capital. 

Freedom Fables will be released on February 5, 2021 via  Strut Records

Listen to Nubiyan Twist in our playlist Songs of the Week on Spotify and Deezer.

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