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The Nigerian superstar pushes the boundaries of Afropop with this classy mini-project that only bodes well for the future.

In 10 years of career, Tiwa Savage has undeniably succeeded in establishing herself as THE diva of contemporary West Africa. Known for feel good afropop anthems like “Koroba” (from her last album Celia) or “Ma Lo”, it seems like the singer has nothing to prove in this field and is looking for something else. It is at least the feeling we are left with when listening to Water & Garri, this new project named after this dry manioc flour that becomes a tasty dish with water and sugar. On the five songs of this EP, none of them sounds like what the singer has offered us so far. Tiwa says it herself on her social media : “I freed myself, I put the music first, I created without fear. I didn’t know what to expect when I released this record, but the fact that you all felt this EP means that I can never go wrong if I really listen to my heart”.

Indeed, Water & Garri is an important artistic shift. “Work Fada”, for example, is a poignant ballad where Tiwa sings with Nas, the monumental New York rapper. Pharrell Williams himself is a fan of the track and compares it with Aretha Franklin in a video that has gone viral. “Tales By Moonlight”, featuring Ghanaian artist Amaarae, is a languid pop track, while “Special Kinda”, featuring Tay Iwar, ends on an electro outro. Actually, the only pure Afrobeats song seems to be “Somebody’s Son”, even if it features American RnB singer Brandy. If this project has only five tracks, it seems to have revealed new prestigious talents that Tiwa Savage had not shown us. We are looking forward to what the diva will do with her new weapons. 

Water & Garri by Tiwa Savage, out now.

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This EP, his second solo project, revisits the latest hip-hop trends with flamboyance, proving that Ghana remains a land of rap. 

$pacely is no longer at his first try. After nearly 5 years in the collective La Même Gang and his solo project Fine$$e Or Be Fine$$ed released in 2019, the rapper has found his place in the Ghanaian rap scene, particularly abundant. With Keanu, whose title is inspired by one of his many aliases, he adds a stone to the edifice of his solo career and remains faithful to the guiding principle of his group: to propose the freshest music possible, and represent Accra’s creativity. 

On Keanu, the day one fans will thus find what made the success of the group and the artist. On tracks like “Rio de Janeiro” or “Paradise”, $pacely masters brilliantly the summery sounds, the bumpy rhythms and the nonchalant flow that he has often proposed to his audience. However, on other tracks, we can see a clear artistic turn towards a darker musicality, inspired by the asakaa sound, the local drill music phenomenon. “Ofr3”, which features the pioneers of the genre Kawabanga and Kwaku DMC, is a good example, or “Easy Come”, whose dark and saturated basses are characteristic of drill music. In terms of bars, the track “Va Bene” should also be  pointed out: in addition to $pacely’s verse, it lets us hear a French verse from Togolese artist Green.Nagasaki. With less Afrobeats and more hip-hop, Keanu proves that $pacely is a fierce rapper, before being a singer, a musician or an influencer. A reminder for his public, which he dedicates in the video of “Roll Call”.

Keanu by $pacely, out now.

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The blue-haired singer adds two new romantic anthems to his already impressive collection.

WurlD has been on a roll. In two years, we have witnessed his evolution over four projects: Love Is Contagious (2019), I LOVE GIRLS WITH TROBUL (2019), AFROSOUL (2020) and AFROSOUL DELUXE (2020). While his impressive songwriting skills were already widely recognized through his ghostwriting work with artists like BOB, Trinidad James, Akon or Mario, the Nigerian singer is now without a doubt a solid solo artist, who managed to coin his very own sound and style. His music is easy to recognize : floating somewhere between Afrobeats, alté, jazz or soul, it always seems to emit a deep sensuality and intimacy. This specific mood is kept on MWWU, the new two-single pack the artist has released to satisfy his fans’ appetite.

MWWU stands for “My World With U”, and it is no surprise that the two tracks, “Spunk” and “Stamina”, are both love songs. In “Spunk”, the singer addresses an insecure partner, assuring her on a sensual instrumental that she still “got that spunk” that would make him “do anything for her”. On the second track, he expresses his emotions with a new twist brough by South African duo Major League Djz, who add an amapiano joyful ambiance. Joined by LuuDaDeejay, WurlD compliments a girl for her “Stamina”, as she dances in front of him. 

MWWU by WurlD, out now.

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