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Jeremih: 'I wouldn't wish Covid-19 on anyone'

By Published December 26, 2020

Jeremih "wouldn't wish" Covid-19 on anyone, admitting he's still "skin and bones" after battling the virus.

The R&B star spent weeks in ICU in hospital fighting after contracting the coronavirus but was sent home earlier this month.

Speaking about his health struggle in an interview with ABC 7 Chicago, Jeremih revealed the extent of the illness, as he explained: "I was weak. I went in there probably weighing 220 (pounds) and I left at 175."

He went on to say although his condition has improved, the virus was so severe he had to learn how to eat and walk again in therapy.

"I'm like, I'm damn near skin and bones. I wouldn't wish that on nobody, to go through what I went through," he said.

Jeremih, who suffered from multiple inflammatory syndrome as part of his battle with Covid-19, recalled there were times he felt like giving up, but it was his sons and his mother that inspired him to keep going.

"They kept telling me the numbers weren't getting better," he added.

"I'm just like, when did my body get this bad? I've never had any problems with it my whole life, for 33 years! To have everything just shut down, I'm just like, man," he expressed.



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