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Bobby East outlines challenges Zambian artists face, calls for locals’ support

By Published November 10, 2021

XYZ Entertainment CEO and Hip-hop star Bobby East has broken his silence on the state of Zambia’s music industry, hailing local artists for doing so much with so little.

The ‘Toxic’ hit maker says that he’s realized Zambian artists are the most gifted in the world.

“Zambian artists are some of the most gifted in the world and I’ll tell you why...It’s amazing what my peers can do with the little resources they have available to them,” he says.

He adds that while none of the artists are signed to globally renowned record labels, the still make big moves in the industry even when the odds are stuck against them.

“We are not signed to any of the gatekeeper record labels so the algorithm doesn’t work in our favor...When you go on streaming sites, you have to search for Zambian content whilst a new Davido record is the first thing you see when you log on.


“A typical international hit will have more than 5 writers, producers and AnR people before it even gets out. Over here my brother T Sean is recording a whole album written and produced entirely by him, He will then get on this app and market it himself and that example applies to a lot of us,” he says.

He lauded Zambian record labels for doing more than enough in ensuring that they do all they can to push music. Bobby asked fans to support artists by picking their favourite art work and share it.



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