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Introducing new sensation - Girl Chance and their latest single 'Diego'

By Published April 05, 2020

The trio consisting of  Steph, Iveta and Paula, are quickly breaking into the music scene, fusing together elements from Europe and Latin America to create a unique sound, yet to be heard elsewhere! They take key flourishes from the likes of Camila Cabello and Jennifer Lopez's urban pop and exotic latin melodies. Ultimately making ‘Diego’ a fierce and empowering banger -  perfect for anyone needing to add some spice to their playlist!

Through their multicultural backgrounds, the group notes their desire to help “connect people and embrace their uniqueness”.  

In-between juggling their diverse backgrounds, they easily found a common ground - their passion for music. Iveta has been involved with music since the age of five, taking dance, piano and vocal lessons regularly. It wasn't until she attended London Met University to study music and media studies, when she realised she wanted to be in a girl group!

Steph’s passion for music began at the age of 9 when she was performing in school concerts, and attending piano lessons. After a break from music to study higher education in Switzerland, she has made a comeback and has since performed in choirs and even pursued modelling -  a true triple threat! The idea of performing in a girl group was something Steph had long thought about, so when the opportunity presented itself she was ecstatic! 

Paula's passion began at just six years old, where she attended music school and learned the flute, piano and music theory. Growing up she expanded her skills by practising latin dance, ballet, modern dance and performing in a choir. She went on to study at ICMP, where Paula began her studies and met the other members of Girl Chance.

Within only a few weeks of meeting on StarNow, they had already recorded their first single ‘Take The Love Away’, showing their quick artistic drive. Their stance in unity, artistic drive and understanding of the international music industry, definitely fuels their careers in the music industry - making them ones to watch out for!

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