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Emmerson’s new “9 Lives” album

By Published August 16, 2020

9 Live has 18 new songs including dance tunes, sexy ballads, hip-hop, afrobeats, and social commentary; all of the elements that we’ve come to expect from an Emmerson Bockarie record. 

Also on the album are collaborations with Sierra Leone’s finest artists including; Drizilik, Markmuday, Star Zee, Heyden Adama, 2 Flames, Mr. One, Kracktwist & Samza.

9 Lives is the seventh studio album from Emmerson who got his first big break with “Tutu Party” and “Borboh Belle. He has other albums like: 2 Fut Arata (2007), Yesterday Betteh Pass Tiday (2010), Rise (2012), Kokobeh (2013), Home and Away (2014), and Survivor (2016).

To find out how you can order the album head over to Emmerson’s Official Website


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