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Taken from Mamari Remixed, the track morphs into a dancefloor banger via the Ugandan DJ. Watch the visuals exclusively on PAM. 

Mamari Remixed is a remix compilation and electronic sibling to the album Mamariby Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble. The band is a nine-piece from Cologne who released the project back in May 2021. It marks a jazz album brimming with Afrobeat, Afro-cuban and funk influences, full of activist sentiments around social equality, racial politics, climate change and more, all filtered through the voices and bodies of the young ensemble.

On Mamari Remixed, thirteen producers from Africa, Europe and Latin America give their own dance floor spin to the original tracks. Nineteen different nationalities are represented in total (Portugal, Uganda, Angola, Cabo Verde, Ghana, Colombia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, UK, France, Algeria and many more) and the producers show their ability to retain organic sounds in their bass music. The remixes not only use the original instruments but also manage to convey the political messages that the Power Ensemble conveyed.

Experience the video for Catu Diosis’ remix of “Aga Aga” on PAM. The original song was named after a lake close to Cologne called Aggertalsperre, notorious within Muito Kaballa for an incident where percussionist Leonard Gaab almost drowned naked in the ice cold lake. A key figure in the Kampala alternative electronic scene, Catu Diosis adds a gqom and Afrobeats-inspired touch, with a powerful, percussive result. The vocals are recycled to fit the speedy and danceable rhythm with the visuals focusing on an ultra-energetic dancer, who performs hypnotizing and energizing choreography. 

Mamari Remixed by Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble, out on all platforms.

Listen to “Aga Aga” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

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The Nigerian artist is back with Guguland, a compact and frenzied set of future dance anthems. 

Over the last few months, Magugu’s pidgin rap has been gaining attention in Nigeria and the UK, his adopted country. The artist has become the go to guy when it comes to percussive, rapid and danceable bangers. He now returns with Guguland, his second proper body of work following his 2018 album Pidgin & Chips in collaboration with Stagga. “This EP was recorded in my home studio in Cardiff, Wales, during lockdown in 2020 which gave me full creative control over the whole process,” he tells PAM. “It was all written, recorded, mixed and mastered by me. I contacted Rolv.K from the beginning as we’ve worked before and have great chemistry. He produced the whole EPThis project has also shown more of my musical side and songwriting side instead of just my rapping.

Spanning over five colourful tracks, ranging from powerful afrobeats (“Tetete”) to reggae/dancehall (“Jah Jah Energy”) and romantic songs (“Love Sick”), the project is one more pidgin rap manifesto, the particular hip-hop style Magugu has coined for himself. He explains: “My Pidgin rap movement is about bridging the gap between Africa & Europe and to represent Africans in diaspora in a positive light. I came to the UK at a young age during the times where it was not cool to be African. All those experiences of disrespect and people laughing at me just for being African all played a role in creating this movement.”

The movement is indeed finding a resonance internationally. Whether working with British or Swiss producers like Rolv.K, the sound’s raw efficiency is attracting a growing audience and actors. This is something Magugu keeps in mind in his daily artistery. “I’m adapting it to many different genres so it’s not just on my Afrobeats,” he says. “I can do it on drum’n’bass, grime, drill, hip hop, dancehall so it connects with different audiences worldwide which is something not a lot of artists can do. This is years of training and experimenting! And growing up both in Nigeria and the UK has given me the advantage as I’ve experienced both musical worlds”. 

Listen to “Tetete” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

Guguland by Magugu, out on all platforms.


Multi-award-winning highlife star Eugene Kwame popularly known as Kuami Eugene has claimed the 'Son of Africa' title.

According to the 'Dollar On You' crooner, he desires that fans both within Ghana and Across the region would embrace him as their son. This he believes will ensure his longevity in the music scene.

As per his latest remarkable music project tagged 'Son of Africa', Kuami disclosed in an interview with Odom TV that the project was meant to not only cater for his die-hard fans but also criticisms across the board. He further acknowledged that his 4-year continued successful journey in the music scene is due to a  continuation of working smart. 

In addition, Kuami Eugene stated that he optimistically takes into account criticism from naysayers, as they are 'stepping stones' to a progressive music career ahead.


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