K-pop supergroup BTS have announced plans to take a long break after spending six years conquering charts and concert stages around the world.

The Korean boy band's management officials have issued a statement alerting fans to an upcoming hiatus, and asking them to let the pop idols rest up in peace, so they can all return "refreshed and recharged".

"We would like to announce that for the first time since their debut, BTS will be going on an official and extended period of rest and relaxation," it reads. "Today’s (Sunday) LOTTE DUTY FREE FAMILY CONCERT performance will make the last scheduled event before members prepare to take their vacations.

"This period of rest will be an opportunity for the members of BTS, who have relentlessly driven themselves towards their goal since their debut, to recharge and prepare to present themselves anew as musicians and creators. This will also provide them with a chance to enjoy the ordinary lives of young people in their 20s, albeit briefly.

"During this time, the members will rest and recharge in their own personal ways. Should you have a chance encounter with a member of BTS while they are on vacation, we ask that you show consideration for their need to rest and enjoy their private time off. BTS will return refreshed and recharged to return all the love you have and continue to show them."

The news comes just two days after Boy With Luv singer V released his solo track Winter Bear, suggesting he'll be taking the time off to focus on new music.

Lady Gaga is set to “fully fund” classroom projects in three US cities following tragic mass shootings.

The ‘Shallow’ singer and her Born This Way foundation are teaming up with DonorsChoose.org to donate money and resources to the “classroom project needs” of several schools in Dayton, Ohio, El Paso, Texas, and Gilroy, California, after the three cities were each struck by tragic shootings in the past week.

In a message on Facebook, Gaga wrote: “A note to Dayton, El Paso, and Gilroy:
“My heart goes out to those who were taken from us too soon and to their families, loved ones, and communities who are left to grieve. Everyone has the right to laws that make them feel safe in their communities. In this moment, I want to channel my confusion, frustration, and fury into hope. Hope that we are there for each other and for ourselves. 

“Today, I find hope in the work of DonorsChoose.org and I’m proud to partner with them and with Born This Way Foundation to fully fund the classroom project needs in Dayton, OH, El Paso, TX, and Gilroy, CA. (sic)”

The 33-year-old musician went on to reveal 14 classrooms in Dayton, 125 in El Paso, and 23 in Gilroy will be among those receiving donations from her foundation.

She continued: “14 classrooms in Dayton, 125 classrooms in El Paso, and 23 classrooms in Gilroy will now have access to the support they need to inspire their students to work together and bring their dreams to life. https://www.donorschoose.org/bekind21 (sic)”

And Gaga closed her post by encouraging her followers to “check in” on their loved ones, and to seek help if they need someone to talk to.

She wrote: “Surviving and recovering from these tragedies also means prioritizing your mental health and checking in on your loved ones. If you’re struggling, please be brave and tell a trusted someone. Don’t be scared to ask for help, I beg you. If you see a loved one struggling, please be brave and reach out, remind them it’s ok to not be ok, and listen to them. We cannot turn away from ourselves. We cannot turn away from our loved ones. We need each other. Don’t turn away.

“In loving memory of the victims of the tragic shootings in Dayton, OH, El Paso, TX, and Gilroy, CA. (sic)”

Nérija is Nubya Garcia (tenor saxophone), Sheila Maurice-Grey (trumpet), Cassie Kinoshi (alto saxophone), Rosie Turton (trombone), Shirley Tetteh (guitar), Lizy Exell (drums) and Rio Kai (bass).

Rooted in friendship, Nérija is a collective whose breakneck shifts in tempo and style rely on a deep understanding of mood, temperament and expression, a solid show of trust that extends beyond the usual bonds between musicians.

Entitled Blume, the group’s debut album succeeds a 2016 EP. Recorded in the boat-shaped confines of London’s legendary Soup Studios and produced by Kwes, the overarching goal with Blume was to simply capture the rawness, warmth, joy and the spirit of their relationship and performance.

Blume released on August 2nd via Domino Recording Company. You can order the album now.

Serpent, born Moeketsi Mothebe is a rapper and entrepreneur who is the first unsigned artist in Lesotho internationally recognized. Despite his financial troubles , serpent is a respected and prolific artist. He founded his own music  in 2009.

Serpent is a rapper, famo musician, Afro jazz singer and professional teacher from National University of Lesotho.

All the way from 'Mate Liphaleng, serpent is a boss who has received Grammy nominations . He remains a prolific artist, both as a solo performer and as a guest, and his Music has put out albums like SUNA MARUNG,MANDELA and DO IT FOR MY NIGGAS.

He took his performing name from stories he heard of a snake called Serpent.  He currently works as a teacher in Leribe District for about 5 years now.

Hear Serpent's latest tracks on African FM throughout the day.

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