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Liberian act condemns police assault

By Published September 30, 2018

A4doe, the man behind the Liberian protest song ‘Bring Back Our Container,’ has said he was not arrested for behaving badly in front of President George Weah’s house.

“The police report is totally made up," he said to the Daily Observer. The song, which features an artist named Kpanto, caused controversy following its release because it criticises the government's silence over a missing container said to contain L$9 billion ($60 million).

The container, which was last seen in the Freeport of Monrovia, has dominated discussions across the country since the news broke.  "They lied by saying the arrest was made in front of the President’s house when it was not," A4doe said. "They arrested me at the President’s house junction which is far away from the actual house. “I’m still trying to understand why I was arrested when I did nothing wrong. Kpanto and I were heading towards my house when the police assigned at President’s house junction stopped the bike we were on for what they claimed was a violation. After the bike rider was arrested, I decided to appeal for his release and that’s how one of the police officers asked me to identify myself. I told him I’m a musician, the producer of the song about the alleged missing money."

One of the police officers then began insulting the rapper who then filmed the insults on his phone. An attempt to take the phone from the artist was unsuccessful. 

“Since the pains were becoming unbearable, I give the phone to Kpanto to run with it. Unfortunate they were able to get hold of the phone after it dropped from the artist while they were chasing after him. They deleted the video but since I was online, the video was not completely deleted." After deleting the video, the police officers decided to arrest me for trying to record them and took me to the police station and place me behind bars but were unable to give him a charge sheet. “All they told me was to get out and that they don’t have any charge sheet for me," said A4doe. "I was surprised to find later that they told people that my arrest was based on acting unruly in front of the President’s house.”

The artist, whose real name is Augustine Ford, has said he would sue the two police officers who assaulted him during his arrest.

“I’m going to sue them for not only hurting my body but violating my civil right. The way they handled me was embarrassing and humiliating. I’m of the strongest conviction this was a planned thing by the officers and intended to disgrace me. The police attitude toward me is unacceptable and I know the President is not aware of this."

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