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“Baby Love” is a song by Omar Faye Gawane - former singer of the Senegalese vocal trio Jamafrica Crew - and Shine I Dub, an Italian crew led by Pietro Di Domizio and Claudio Bollini. Produced by Shine I Dub, it’s the first single of an upcoming album.

The song speaks of love, in three different idioms: English, French and Wolof. Love as a universal message, love that keeps people together, that breaks walls, love that a living creature can give to another living creature. The lyrics have been written by Omar and Mariéme, his sister. Pietro Di Domizio plays guitar and bass, Claudio Bollini is on drums and percussion instruments, Marco Evangelista on keyboards. Backing vocals were performed by Morena Pavone and Omar himself.

“Baby Love” was recorded at Come Shine Studio and I&I Studio. It was mixed and mastered by Dario Casillo and has been released on Boomrush Productions. The videoclip has been shot in Abruzzo, Italy, and was directed by Walter Nanni.

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in The DJs
August 07, 2019

Music in the Air is an incredible travel into house, deep house and nu-disco sound selected by Villahangar' s Djs and the best house Djs

Robin Schulz

in The DJs
August 07, 2019

Sugar Radio Show presented by Robin Schulz brings his favorite tracks, latest releases and classic hits each and every week. It’s been only four years since Robin Schulz first topped the worldwide singles charts with his acclaimed remix of “Waves (feat. Mr. Probz)” and landed his breakthrough global uber-hit “Prayer in C (feat. Lilly Wood & The Prick)”; practically an eternity in the 30-year-old artist’s fast-paced dance music cosmos! Building on his unique blend of house, electro and pop, the Osnabrück DJ and producer has meanwhile established himself as Germany’s most successful music export of the past two decades in record-breaking time.

Brian Wayy

in The DJs
May 21, 2019

Billboard charted duo Brian Wayy and Masoud Fuladi created "MaWayy" to bring you the best of electronic dance music of the month ... Trust us you want it "MaWayy".  Broadcasts every Saturday at 5pm UK / midday Eastern

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