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Ruffi releases new smash hit - Holiday

By Published June 16, 2019

The new single released by Ruffi, an American resident musician, recently hit fans with a whole new host of craziness while talking about fun, relaxing times ahead. 


This craziness resonates with Ruffi’s fans and has held outstanding precedence, considering a similar response when most of his other singles came out yet, including the much anticipated and hyped ‘Pressure’. These increasing bouts of fame and prestige have increasingly set Ruffi and his brand Ruffi music apart as rising stars in the music industry which appeals to a highly ethnic and cultural audience looking to see themselves reflected in various branches of Western media.

Set to an appealingly upbeat and catchy tune, Ruffi's Holiday talks about the various fun and adventurous times one can and should have away from home. It's recorded in such a fashion that it's basically a fun-loving, excitement promoter that can be played at parties, dances and especially on various vacations that you go to either with family or friends. These aspects of the song are likely the ones that make it absolutely unique and a class apart for fans which relate to the ethnically driven lyrics.

These factors including an appeal to ethnic Jamaican culture, upbeat lyrics and an entirely fun loving attitude permeating throughout the song have added to the song’s tendencies to soon hit top lists as the craze for it among fans sharply rises. All these variables and trends point at the simple reality that Holiday by Ruffi may just be the song of the year, and yes, it’s a statement when it’s said for a song this early into the year.

Of course, nobody can guarantee it but the tendencies shown by the fans who have a rising interest in this song coupled with the catchiness and skill input into the creation of the song in the first place seemingly suggest that there are a few heights that Holiday by Ruffi will definitely achieve. Obviously, no one can quite say for sure what they're right now but what one must agree upon is that this song may be nothing short of a revolution for the thrilling sounds of Jamaican culture and the anticipation with which it's being welcomed across the globe.

All these pushes for the song’s popularity have manifested in it being accessible across various platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon and Google Music. Consequently, it can be bought here from Amazon as well. Currently, the song and its distribution are being handled by Smallboxx Records/Bruckloose Entertainment which are its labels. Obviously, they’re highly excited for the success of the song which they almost guarantee is coming.

Ruffi’s experienced producer Richie Loops has this to say about the singer, “He’s a talented fellow and one of the best I’ve had the personal experience of working with. Obviously, there’s not enough I can say about this new single Holiday. Music taste, at the end of the day, is subjective but if I was to recommend a new song to my friends for a quick listen and addition to their respective playlists, it’d definitely be Ruffi’s Holiday. That much, I do guarantee.”


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