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African FM is a not-for-profit project that is run by volunteers - all of whom give up their valuable free time to bring thousands of listeners like you the very best in musical entertainment 24/7.

Broadcasting continuously since 2001, we are the longest established African orientated online radio station currently in existence.  Over 25,000 listeners tune into the wide variety of programmes we bring you every month.

Maintaining a project of this size costs money.  Studio equipment, broadcast servers, bandwidth, electricity, music, royalties and more...

The ONLY way we can continue to keep the music pumping - keep the entertainment rolling is to ask YOU to support our project financially.

It's sad to report that less than 1% of our listeners put their hands in their pockets - and support our station.  Even a couple of dollars makes a real difference.

So, instead of that Latte tomorrow morning on your way to work, or that 'go large' meal at your favourite fast food joint, why not support our station right now through a financial donation.

You can donate securely, easily and conveniently online - right here - via PayPal.

Thank you for your support.


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African FM is a voluntary project - staffed and maintained by people like you who give up their valuable free time to bring amazing programmes to listeners all over the world. For just the cost of that cup of coffee that you bought this morning, you could be helping a global project continue to reach thousands of Africans across the globe. So please support our project today...Thank you.