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Snared in Africa - coming to African FM

SNARED, specially adapted for radio, will be broadcast across Africa and beyond in a synchronised event on November 10th 2018 including here at African FM !

Originally conceived for the stage by Tim Marriott, SNARED toured the South East of England in 2012/2013 to critical acclaim from a variety of individuals and organisations including respected wildlife campaigners Will Travers OBE, Ian Redmond OBE and Bill Oddie OBE. The play explores the tensions surrounding the poaching of Africa’s wildlife; the topical issues surrounding the trophy hunting debate and the growing conflict between the needs of the continent’s people and its wildlife.

The Story


A Zambian man is nursed through a recurrence of malaria by his daughter and grand daughter. As they try to manage his fever he relives an event that continues to haunt him.

Three Years Ago...

In the African bush a hunter is confronted by an armed conservationist and her ranger and bound to a tree with one of his own snares. A terrible storm breaks and forces them to remain where they are until it passes. The hunter, convinced that he is to be executed, engages the conservationist in a dangerous game of argument and counter argument in a desperate bid  to free himself.

In this tense tale of entrapment and deceit, who can tell the hunter from the hunted?


A few short searches on Google confirm that Africa’s relationship with its wildlife is strained to the limit. Every country has its own unique story to tell, whether it’s the competing and often conflicting interests of people and wild animals, the relentless destruction of forests and land or intense poaching and hunting.

The broadcast - SNARED in Africa is a one-off synchronised, pan-continental broadcast of the play that will be transmitted via terrestrial and internet radio stations in several African countries, Britain, the USA and beyond.*



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