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When Fredie Wize from Nigeria knocked on the door of Rootz Radicals last year in order to record some tunes, “Suffering and Smiling“ on Rootz Radicals‘ Israel Riddim (2017) was not the only song that came into existence. “Bad Government“ is a combination between Uno Jahma, singer and head engineer of Rootz Radicals, Mortal Kombat MC and singer UCee and Fredie Wize. The single was produced by the Rootz Radicals members Uno Jahma and Chris Barrett.


Twenty-five years ago, Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo strummed into the affections of music lovers with the album The Gipsy Kings, which included the infectious Bamboleo, Djobi Djoba and the ballad Un Amor. The duo return with their band to woo London with traditional flamenco infused with western pop and Latin rhythms.

We love music here at African FM. Old, new, classic, emerging - you name it! That's why every week on your favourite station we delve into our huge record library and shine the spotlight on a great African music or group.

This week - it's the turn of the amazing Rumbotumba

Introducing a powerful talented new emerging gospel artist - Michelle E Williams.

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