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New German sensation Emotional release first CD on African FM

By Published July 15, 2018

Emerging German sensation - "EMOTIONAL" have released their first CD-Single "Emotion" on African FM. 

Data highways race past us - sometimes we do not even know where to look or listen first. In fractions of a second, hectic information changes ... impressions ... opinions ... and there are sometimes misunderstandings ...

The time-lapse of the present runs hastily and always hastily ... restless ... But is that what really makes us happy and satisfied? Where do we find peace and credibility nowadays, to remember what makes us human?

The music group "EMOTIONAL" wants to set a sign with their title "Emotion".


"EMOTIONAL" consists of the singer Anita Burck (Fulda/Hessen) and the librettist & guitarist Thomas Köhn (Oldenburg/Lower Saxony). Anita and Thomas know each other from various musical projects and now introduce themselves as a team for the first time with the song "Emotion". The two musicians invite people to travel with them ... to the land of emotions ... The music is by Holger Quak & Antje Sommerfeld , the text is written by Thomas Köhn.

Emotion" is the song for the people of today ... of tomorrow ... of the day after tomorrow ... Hear this great new tune during the day on your favourite station - African FM

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