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Advertising on African FM makes sense

So you're a smart businessperson.  We know that because you listen to the very best African orientated online radio station going. You're looking for a cost effective way to promote your business, your event, your services but don't want to throw your limited funds away on old fashioned adverts in newspapers, magazines or pay-per-click sinkholes on the internet.  You want to reach out to like-minded, successful Africans, people JUST LIKE YOU.

Well.....guess what.....they're here right now, like you, listening to African FM. 

African FM is the highest ranked African orientated radio station on the popular Tunein radio app with over 21,600 followers - that's over 18K more than some the other African orientated stations that make huge claims about their audience share.  We don't need to as the figures are there for everybody to see.  African FM really is the number 1 Afri-centric station on the net.

Because we're a voluntary project, we don't have hungry shareholders' pockets to satisfy - so our advertising rates are super competitive.  We work with you to produce an advert that fits your budget.

And...when you advertise on African FM - not only are you reaching out to thousands of professional, successful Africans all over the world, but you're also supporting this worthwhile cause.

It's a win-win situation.

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  • African FM - the web's most popular african orientated online radio station - broadcasting to the motherland and beyond - 24/7 at www.african.fm

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