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Mr Eazi questions unconfirmed news stories on Nigeria's City 105.1 FM

By Published November 24, 2018

Mr Eazi has taken on to Twitter to cast fire at one of Nigeria's radio station, City 105.1 FM for reporting unconfirmed news about him.


Mr Eazi has taken on to Twitter to cast fire and brimstones at one of Nigeria's radio station, City 105.1 FM for reporting unconfirmed news about him.

The artiste who recently released his Lagos to London album has been on tour in different parts of the continent including Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. He says that his tour had been smooth until he got to Nigeria. Refusing to do a substandard performance, he says that CITY 105.1 decided to, without investigating, start a "smear campaign" about him.


He tweeted -

"Yo @CITY1051 i have shown your organisation so much respect even gone on to do interviews plus more on your station! U see a young Dude making it, and u go on a smeer campaign talking unverified news guess what God pass una!! Lol!!"

"I am running empawa Africa empowering 100 African youths that one no make una news @CITY1051 , my mixtape doing numbers nope not good enough, mans excelling worldwide nope not news but an unverified wrong news to hurt my brand YEs that is NEWS!!! GOD PASS UNA!!!!"

"I remember one man at your organisation said he will never play my music @CITY1051 guess what that hasnt stopped me! My mama don put anointing for my head!!!!! I wish you guys all the best! Life is eazi on this side!!!"

He accused the organisers at his venue of disorganisation. He claims that there was no light and he had to cancel. "My band got into the country, we had two days of rehearsals and went to the venue for final rehearsals on time ie 7pm but there was no staff of the organisers at the venue! None! The lights and around engineers had not even received my tech rider!!!"

"For the record i cancelled Trace Live because i was not confident of the delivery of the event! I have had a smooth well branded #LagosToLondon roll put in the UK, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, no way i was gonna have a wuru wuru event in my home country Nigeria!!!"


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