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Raphäel Toiné’ stunning zouk album reissued by Glossy Mistakes

By Published December 22, 2019

Glossy Mistakes presents a repress of Raphäel Toiné‘s Ce Ta Ou / Sud Africa Révolution.

Raphäel Toiné’s Ce Ta Ou / Sud Africa Révolution is one of the most gorgeous zouk albums ever made. Funk arrangements, fat bass, and crazy synths, all melt together in a record that takes the dancer to a remote piece of land in the middle of the Caribbean. This rare afro-boogie and zouk synth funky LP was recorded in Switzerland in 1986 by this incredible artist that knew how to condense the vibe and lifestyle of his island.

Glossy Mistakes unveils its second release reissuing this highly demanded piece of music that really deserves to reach a new audience. The vinyl reissue is limited to 600 copies.

Ce Ta Ou / Sud Africa Révolution, released on 20 January via Glossy Mistakes. Preoder here.


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